“The Will To Live”

The Will To Live: Finding The Strength Within To Survive

Domestic violence affects a broad range amongst society today with 19% of college females experiencing some type of dating violence. Additionally, 32% of high school students will be involved in an abusive relationship**. These facts may be new to some but those who are survivors of domestic violence know about these experiences up close and personal.

Drenda Williams is a SURVIVOR! Dealing with domestic violence at the age 17-20, she has developed a real life experience guide to assist teenagers and young adult women who are currently victims of domestic violence abuse. While each chapter reflects her personal experiences; they also offer guidance, tips, and reassurance to those who may not know what to do or are second guessing their natural instincts.

She is dedicated to ensuring domestic violence awareness comes to the forefront since it affects most families in some capacity. This book is emotional, revisits real events, but most importantly designed change your life and equip you with the tools to survive.

** Sources: U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics