Reach Back Campaign

The Brand decided it could do more for increasing Domestic Violence Awareness around the country. It started with release of The Will To Live: Finding The Strength Within To Survive which is a nonfiction book that not only serves as a testimony but also celebrations the survivorship of men and women who have overcome being victims of domestic violence. 

During Domestic Violence Awareness Month October of 2019, Mfalme and JoyL were created. Mfalme not only provides an ultimate beard, hair, and skin care experience but also provides an opportunity to increase domestic violence awareness through its packaging and outreach to customers. JoyL is an all natural lip gloss product line that shows beautiful not only can be natural not can also increase awareness by providing domestic violence awareness through its packaging as well.

Ten percent of every sale is donated back to a domestic violence shelter which supports male victims. Each year a different non profit will be selected to receive donations.