About the Author

Call me Chameleon. I am very shy and reserved because of my past; however, I can instantly change into a powerful woman who has not forgotten her roots and has been driven to accomplish great things relative to her beginnings. Although I sprang from a poverty-stricken childhood, I grew into a well-accomplished female executive. Being a former victim of abuse, I can’t forget past traumatic situations. These terrible experiences have instilled me with a compelling need to help others who suffer from abuse—or are at risk of becoming a victim of it.

I suffered through severe emotional and physical abuse that also involved my daughter, my family, and my ex-husband who was just a friend at the time. It affected my life in ways I did not know until later. Writing this book is not merely something to read, it’s my overpowering sense of duty to the millions of women and men who are suffering or are in great danger of suffering abuse.

The Will To Live: Finding The Strength Within To Survive has great power to me because no one was there to know what I was going through; no one was there to comfort me; no one was there to tell me what to do; no one was there to tell me what I must do to escape; no one was there because I wanted to conceal my shame and pain. Now I want to reach out and inspire young ladies—often teenagers—who need to talk to someone so they will know they are not alone in the abuse they suffer now, or are at risk of, or who have unhealed emotional wounds from past abuse.